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Meeting and Congress

​Meetings and Congresses events require intense attention and must be successfully planned, organized and managed.

What is a Meeting?

A meeting is a planned, regular event held at a specific time and place to exchange information or reach a decision.

It meets the need for face-to-face communication and is important for collaboration.

What is Congress?

A congress is a large-scale meeting of experts on a particular subject or sector.

Information sharing is important for networking and collaboration.

Meeting and Congress Management Services

Planning and Organization:

Determining the event date, venue selection, creating a program.


Participant Management:

Organizing details such as registration, accommodation and transportation.


Communication and Promotion:

Announcing the event and informing the participants.


Operational Management:

Event day coordination, providing technical support.

Importance of Meeting and Congress Management:

It encourages knowledge sharing and collaboration in business.

It helps companies promote their products and services.

It contributes to economic development.

Meeting and Congress management should be carried out meticulously by a professional team.

Successful organizations increase the satisfaction of participants and add value to the business world.

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