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Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing means that the organizations entrust the business processes they need to an expert organization other than themselves. Thanks to outsourcing, the in-house division of labor is transferred to specialized institutions, and in this way, the business-intensive company provides effective cost and time savings. The company can focus entirely on the subjects in which it specializes in its sector and raise its business efficiency to higher levels.



  • Reception, Guidance and Parking Personnel

  • Cleaning and Service Staff

  • Gardenner and Technical Service Personnel

  • Driver, Officeboy and Secretary

  • IT Support Staff

  • Concierge, Kitchen and Support Staff

  • Warehouse Handling and Forklift Operator



  • We provide operational efficiency (that is, we allow your company to focus on its core activities rather than its HR needs)

  • Personnel backup is standard (we provide suitable personnel to replace the personnel during the working period, leave, illness and public holidays)

  • We save money and time (we eliminate your candidate advertising costs. We eliminate the advertising, interviewing, screening and recruitment process)

  • We fix your support cost (we undertake all your expenses for health insurance, severance and notice pay and fringe benefits to be provided to the employee)

  • You benefit from tax deduction by receiving the service (we offer the cost of support personnel, which is an operational expense for you, as an invoiced service)

  • We maintain personnel quality (we provide service with personnel who have strong communication skills and industry experience)

  • We take ownership of your operation (we support our support staff with our expert team in the background and measure and report service quality)

  • The right to change personnel is standard (you can request a change if you are not satisfied with the personnel performance)

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